Cancellation Policy

Payments , Confirmation Cancellation and Refund Policy


All transaction for payment are treated successful or complete only if our payment processor acknowledges so and all such successful transaction are entitled for the booking services or refund in case of successful transaction but booking failure.

Payment made through payment link , bank transfer or any other means in to company bank account shall be accounted only after realisation into our bank accounts acknowledged by our accounts team.


In some cases online booking does not Guarantees you reservation and are subject to confirmation by respective supplier.

Such booking If it fails to confirm the Customers receives refund in full though original payment mode and but cannot demand any compensation from any losses what so ever.

Cancellation & Refund

Customer Cancellation

Ferry cancellation- reschedule can be processed from

all other cancellation request has to be made from the registered email or mobile number used for booking to will charge an amount of Rs 250 per person inclusive of GST for cancellation in addition to the cancellation charges applicable by respective supplier as administrative cost for the services provided.

An administrative fee will be charged for any revision or amendment made to a confirmed booking.

Customer Reschedule Ticket

Rescheduling is processed for only request received 48 hrs before departure time during business hrs and are subject to availability and discretion of the ferry company.

if ticket is rescheduled to same ferry same class of the original booking then the charges are Rs 236 per person .

if ticket if rescheduled to same ferry different class then the charges are Rs 236 plus fare difference of the classes.

Rescheduling policy not applicable for bookings of different ferry. In such cases cancellation policy will be applied to cancel the ferry ticket in original booking and new booking will be made. the total charges to be paid are calculated as per cancellation policy refund value and new booking cost

Supplier Cancellation

Delay or cancellation of services may n from supplier for delivery of service due to weather, accidents, sickness, governmental restrictions , acts of god and other events of force majeure. In such cases, a refund or partial refund may be given at our discretion and/or the discretion of the supplier of the Activity concerned. In case of such circumstances, ferrybooking will inform the customer about the cancellation as soon as we are alerted. However, an administrative fee may still be applied. The liability of cannot extent beyond the amount being paid for such services for booking and any loses that arises from Such cancellation con not be claimed by customer.